The Bare Minimum

There is something really pleasing about the spare, clean look of minimalist interior design. The colors are few and simple, the lines are classic, and the lack of knick-knacks and objects d'art give one a feeling of peaceful calm. Trying to get the look in your own home may seem like mission impossible. Everyday life means that no matter how great a job you do decorating your kitchen or living room in the minimalist style, there's always going to be pots soaking in the sink, or unpaid bills waiting for you on the foyer sideboard. Minimalism seems so far out of reach for the average, bustling household.

The Solution

But there's a solution. You can bring the minimalist look into your bedroom. No bills to pay, no pots soaking, just you and your bed at the end of the day.

Minimalist design is perfect for the bedroom where it evokes serenity and a feeling of well-being. The bedroom is the place where you most want to achieve a feeling of tranquility, as opposed to an office, say, where you'll want to feel energized. Also, keep in mind that while you may spend upwards of eight hours a night in your bedroom, during this time, you're lying prone on the bed, inactive except for being asleep. That means that you're less liable to generate clutter and mess to get in the way of your minimal décor. If you've got decent closet space, you won't need much more than a bed and maybe a couple of bedside tables and lamps to feel complete contentment.

To get the minimalist flavor in your bedroom, start by choosing a color palette of neutrals, black, and white. Next, you'll want to find a platform bed or a bed just above floor level with an unembellished headboard that doesn't scream for attention. Choose crisp white linens or a neutral-colored duvet. There should be little furniture, but what furniture there is should be selected with care. Keep the bedside tables as plain as possible, with simple drawer pulls. Your aim is to use furniture with simple lines. Each piece should live in harmony with the others.

Bare Essentials

The central idea of minimalist bedroom design is to pare everything down to its barest essentials. The few elements that contribute to the room should have a neutral but pleasing aesthetic that blends into the décor with unobtrusive style.