Kitchen Decorating

The kitchen is often overlooked in most home decorating projects as most people focus on the more 'family' oriented rooms like the livingroom. However, this shouldn't be the case as more and more modern families are beginning to concentrate their at-home family life in the kitchen, turning this room into the new hub of the home.  Whether you like the modern and trendy polished stainless steel look or prefer the more relaxed style of country decorating, you can create the kitchen of your dreams using one of our many kitchen decoration ideas.

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Deciding On Your Kitchen's Look

For a modern looking kitchen, look no further than your nearest home appliance store. Sleek, polished metal stoves, dishwashers, and refrigerators are perfect appliances for a modern kitchen. Bright wall colors, a polished steel or black marble counter top, and cabinets in crisp black or white help complete the look.

If you wish you could spend more time in cozy European kitchens, why not bring the look home with a Bistro themed kitchen. While polished steel appliances still look great, the walls should be painted in rich, soft gold or red colors. You may want to consider techniques such as ragging or faux plastering to add a bit of depth and old world charm to the walls. Granite or slate counter tops with a mosaic tile back splash are ideal for this style. Cabinets should have a rich wood finish or can be painted to match the walls. For a finishing touch, add a small black board for the menu. If you love the European feel, but aren't sure it is right for you, you may want to choose colors and accessories that bring Italy's wineries to mind.

For the fan of country decorating, there are several themes to choose from. Bold rooster accessories, fun fruit motifs, or even French country designs and colors are all ideal in the country kitchen. Use strong colors and natural woods when creating a country kitchen. Make sure you add plenty of open shelving or glass fronted cabinets so that you can display all of the charming accessories you add to the room. 

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