Feng Shui In The Bedroom

East Meets West

Feng Shui, the ancient art and science of balancing energies in any given space, has found a way into the lives of many in Western culture. There's just something soothing about the mystic Far East style of doing things, a sense of quiet and serenity as well as energy and power. It all works together synergistically, using elements and colors to bring harmony and balance.

While it takes a long time to truly learn the art and refine the practice, there are some things a person can do which are very elementary yet very effective at the same time. By applying the following home decor ideas, you can begin to create the kind of space you really will enjoy and benefit from without having to study for years.

Let's Do the Bedroom!

There's no time like the present to begin to feng shui your bedroom. You can create a space which will promote harmony in your relationship as well as nourishing and sensual energy. Your feng shui bedroom should be inviting, subtly alluring, both exciting and calming simultaneously. It is a wonderful place to be - fun and pleasurable, regardless the reason you are there.

A Few Simple Removals

Some practical ways to create this environment begin with removing everything that will conflict with the good energy you are attempting to create in your bedroom. So, take the television, laptop (or desktop) and exercise equipment out of the room. It's a place to rest, refresh, love and be loved and not a work center. Open the windows wide and allow a lot of fresh air to flow through the room. Air quality is very important to good feng shui. Polluted and stale air are not only not conducive to feng shui, they are also not conducive to good health. If you must have plants in your bedroom, be sure they are far away from the bed. As a rule, plants are not good feng shui in a bedroom.

Lower That Light

Light is the primary source of nutrition and energy according to feng shui. With this in mind, ensure the lighting in the bedroom is varied. Use several different levels of lighting - especially candles, which are the best feng shui lighting of all. Just be sure the candles are non-toxic. Color in the bedroom is of great importance in feng shui as it promotes a balanced decor allowing for the best flow of energy for sleep as well as sexual healing. The best colors to use for a feng shui bedroom are the colors of flesh, which vary from pale white all the way to dark chocolate brown. Use colors within this spectrum for your decor.

Feed Your Eyes

When choosing pictures and images for your bedroom, chose those things you wish to have, not what you wouldn't want. For instance, unless you really want to be sad, don't put sad or lonely images in your room. Place the bed in such a fashion as to be easily reached from both sides with a bedside table on either side and avoid having the bed in direct line with the door. A well-balanced bed with quality linen, a good mattress and solid headboard are all important. Finally, keep all doors closed at night, including the closet, en suite and bedroom door. This allows for the best flow of energy for health and rest.

And Dream On

Pleasure and Dreaming are the key words in a feng shui bedroom. With a few changes, you can make your bedroom the perfect retreat.