Attached to a bed frame at the head of a bed, headboards are a furniture favorite among home interior decorators. While headboards were used historically for practical purposes only, holding pillows and other bed linen in place, contemporary headboards are posh-looking, high-fashion bedroom accessories which not only adorn a bed but which may serve as the focal point for the entire room.

Modern Headboards

Whether you're looking to renovate your bedroom, add some finishing touches, or personalize your bed space, headboards make a distinctive impact. These often overlooked pieces of bedroom furniture are works of art in their own right; modern-day headboards come in a wide array of styles, designs, fabrics, colors, and finishes - or you can custom order a headboard to compliment your existing décor. Made to fit all sizes of beds, you can find headboards in twin, full, queen, and king sizes.

Stylish Headboards

No matter what look you aiming for (classic, contemporary, romantic, elegant, masculine, feminine, kid-friendly, traditional, minimalist, or trendy) there is a headboard in kind. Remember that dark headboard colors make a room look smaller, while light- and pastel-colored headboards add a sense of spaciousness to a room. Check out some of today's high-end headboard designs, including headboards with padded borders, raised panels, rich to simple upholstery, intricate designs, rounded corners, simple squares, majestic arches, creative curves, and more. At an affordable price, headboards can give your bedroom a magnificent makeover! (To add to your ensemble, invest in a matching or complimentary bedspread and linen set)

Types of Headboards

Bookcase Headboards: Made from wood or from modern sleek metal, a bookcase headboard is the perfect room organizer and space saver, where you can store bedtime books, magazines, alarm clocks, trinkets, radios, CD players, body lotions, reading lights, and knick knacks of all kinds.

Brass Headboards: High quality brass headboards add a touch of class to any room and are available in styles ranging from traditional to contemporary.

Iron Headboards: Select heavy iron for a masculine headboard and more fragile-looking iron for a feminine headboard. Iron headboards are reliable, affordable, and appealing.

Leather Headboards: Nothing says high-class, posh, and traditional more than leather. Leathers headboards are available in a range of colors to match any bedroom décor, and contrary to expectation, at affordable prices.

Metal Headboards: Metallic and minimalist are all the rage in contemporary interior décor and metal headboards are no less sleek, smooth, and stylish. Look for traditional spindling, contemporary waves, and decorative castings. For a "complete" look, add a complimentary footboard to match.

Speaker Headboards: Bring hi-tech to bedtime with trendy speaker headboards, into which any portable music device can be plugged. Splurge for some quality speakers and drift off to your favorite tunes!

Sports Headboards: Kid and adult sports fans alike go fanatic over sports headboards, featuring logos from all the favorite basketball, football, baseball, and soccer teams. The latest sports headboards include speakers, allowing you to listen to the final minutes of the game or catch overtime without missing a wink of sleep. Sports headboards are the perfect accessory for a sports-themed bedroom or college dorm room, letting everyone know which team is your number one!

Do-it-Yourself Headboards

If you don't have the funds to buy a headboard, here are some creative do-it-yourself ideas to make your own decorative headboard:

•- Paint, stain, sand, stencil, or decoupage an old door to use as your headboard

•- For a railing style, use a section of a wood picket fence or wrought iron fencing. Paint or shine, and voila! Your new headboard is born

•- Hang a quilt or tapestry at the head of the bed for a country or European-styled look, or showcase a poster of your favorite rock star, actor, or scenic view for a personalized bedroom look

•- Use your imagination to fashion a headboard out of any items found around the house or in the great outdoors