Bathroom Design

Bathrooms are such small rooms that they are often overlooked and a bit neglected in the grand home decorating scheme of things. However, the bathroom is probably one of the most used rooms of the home, with every member of the household spending at least some portion of their day there.  Why not try some of these fun bathroom decorating tips to give your bathroom some personality and a bit more life.

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Deciding On A Theme

First, choose a theme. Bathrooms are often decorated with a water theme, such as lighthouses or beach designs-but feel free to get creative with your own decoration ideas. This is a natural step for most interior designers as it makes perfect sense. Another common theme is or tropical designs which also tend to encompass the water theme. To be different you could even try a theme that focuses on water based creatures such as a frog theme.  Another way to go is to keep it simple.  Simplicity might be the best theme for a bathroom since it is the room where you will most likely begin your day.  Sensory overload could be too much first thing in the morning.

When choosing paint colors for bathrooms it might be a good idea to avoid dark colors since bathrooms often feel a bit crowded and dark colors could accentuate this feel. Nice, white enamel paint will hold upluxury ensuite bathroom well and brighten up the room and add 'space' to the room. The only problem is that using white can be a bit bland. Try adding a chair rail and paint the lower half of the room in a crisp blue or green color. If you feel daring, try sparkling jeweled mosaic tiles in a mix of blue and green shades, instead.  Tiled walls in the bathroom are an easy way to keep the maintenance of your bathroom decor easy.

Once the paint or tiles are on the walls, it is time to add some personality. Toilet paper holders, towel rings and racks, and medicine cabinets can transform a room. Choose towels and bath mats that tie in to your chosen theme. Don't forget toilet seats, pictures for the wall, and a few unique candles. A shower curtain that matches your theme is the perfect finishing touch to the room.

One thing you should avoid is colored bath fixtures. Otherwise, when you put your house on the market, you may find that you need to replace your fixtures because the color is dated. White bath fixtures (toilets, sinks, showers, tubs) never go completely out of style and will complement any color or decorating scheme you choose to pursue.

modern bathroomWhen your bathroom is finally decorated, you won't believe the difference. That neglected little room may just become the centerpiece of your home. If nothing else you've added a lot of extra value to your home by taking the time to redecorate your bathroom.

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