Teen Agreement-Decorating A Teenager's Bedroom

The Teenage Taste in Decor

You may have difficulty getting your teen to agree to many things, but when it comes to their space and decorating it you'll likely get a great deal of cooperation. Teens today are really into a space that is their own, showcases their personality and allows them the space to enjoy their electronics (which they are infinitely better at operating than we are). They have a much more sophisticated sense of decorating style than many previous generations. Perhaps it is their exposure to high fashion, more design choices at less cost, or the constant barrage of advertising for clothing and classy rooms that has gotten them turned on to décor.

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Kitschy, Classy and All In Between

Whatever the reason, the bedroom of a teenager today ranges in style from kitschy to classy and deciding on the décor with them can be a great bonding experience as you help them to create "a space of their own". The most common color palette for teen girls includes pink, purple, turquoise, orange and white while the guys seem to favor navy, sky blue, gray, khaki and red.

Surf's Up!

One of the most popular décor styles is a surfing motif. It's fun and relaxed and teens seem to love it. Featuring Hawaiian motifs like flower or palm tree fabrics, tiki material (and tikis), ukuleles and bamboo, the look is pulled together by adding beach elements. Of course, it goes without saying that surfboards, either real or images of them, are a must to be worked into the room. As a matter of fact, a surfboard mounted to the wall makes a great headboard - or you can fill up a large wall or even make a storage shelf with one. Other boarding sports that make great décor motifs are skateboarding and snowboarding.

You're In The Army Now

While many teens would be shocked at the suggestion of wearing camouflage in earnest, they are more than happy to have it as décor treatment for their bedcovering or windows. It's funky and it's popular. Camo material can be found in the traditional greens and browns or you can get it in pastel colors like blue and pink. Mosquito netting canopies are great complements to this style of décor in the teen's bedroom. Check out the local Army & Navy for accessory items such as camouflage netting for the windows and ceiling, ammo cans for storage and helmets or canteens for wall art.

Girls Want Pearls and Furs

Girls have great options when it comes to décor. They can go from camo to glamor, which features shiny fabrics, velvet highlights, curvy wood and wrought iron. A small chandelier, mirrored furniture and bed fringe add to the glamour jewel box décor. You can even take it to a whole new level by adding faux-fur rugs and throws.

Thoroughly Modern

And, you just can't go wrong with a teen when you treat the room in a modern décor that features artsy or funky elements. Bright colors, geometric designs and metal furniture are always a winner. Metal shelves or lockers are a useful and funky addition which will be sure to please even the most choosey teen.