Doggy Decor

It seems that when it comes to doggy decor, pet owners spare no expense to keep Fido happy and in attractive digs. That's according to Business Week Magazine's August 2007 issue which stated that Americans spend $41 billion on their pets every year. Pets have that way of entering our hearts so that they become beloved members of the family. We won't stop at anything to make sure they are healthy and content. One way to express this is through home furnishings made especially for our fine canine friends.

Furry Friend

Pet home furnishings include doggy spas and doggy beds as well as custom-made food dishes and furniture. If you're ready to pull out all the stops and redecorate your pet's room, there are many home furnishings on the market that have been created for the furry friend in your life. Of course, you can always just revamp the color of the room for a quick fix.

If you decide to change the room color, choose one that is calm and can soothe your doggy to sleep. Blue is a perfect color for soothing frazzled doggy nerves. If your dog is a feminine Fifi, you may find that blue doesn't express her femininity. In that case you might want to add pink to the mix, in the form of vertical pink and blue stripes. You can also personalize the space by stenciling your dog's name on the wall. Other ways to do this are with vinyl or wooden letters.

Serious Elegance

The main focus of the pet room is the bed. Doggy beds are now available in many different styles and the mattresses are machine washable. If your doggy decor is dark and masculine, you might choose a mahogany bed frame for serious elegance and style. But the truth is the choice is limitless. A quick perusal of the Internet turns up the following doggy bed styles and materials:














Perched High

If you prefer that your dog sleeps alongside of you, but your bed is perched too high for a dog that is aging, small, or has orthopedic problems, you might want to think about investing in some pet stairs. These come in plain wood, but are also available carpeted, or covered with sheepskin or fake mink. There's enough variety so that you should have no trouble finding something that complements your bedroom floors.