Jewelry Armoires

What do Jewelry and Bedroom Furniture Have in Common?

Selecting furniture for your bedroom is one of the most important aspects of interior home décor. Since the bedroom is where you spend much of your personal time, you want bedroom furniture which is comfortable, suits your personality, meets your practical needs, and of course, has just the right amount of flare and fashion too!

So what do jewelry and bedroom furniture have in common? A lot! If you are like most women and teenaged girls, your jewelry collection has been growing steadily with each passing year. Whether you own a lot of costume jewelry, expensive jewelry, or trendy and contemporary jewelry, you need a place to store your favorite charms, trinkets, and ornaments. For jewelry collections stored at home, a decorative wooden jewelry box is the most popular choice. But for all you who own a rather large collection of earrings, bracelets, ankle bracelets, necklaces, chokers, and more, you might want to consider adding a new piece of fantastic furniture to your bedroom by investing the ultimate type of jewelry holder available today: A Jewelry Armoire.

What is a Jewelry Armoire?

Jewelry armoires are not your run-of-the-mill gem safe-keepers. Jewelry armoires are beautiful pieces of furniture made from a variety of woods which come in a wide array of styles, including mirror jewelry armoires, cheval mirror jewelry armoires, and multi-purpose jewelry armoires which combine a desk, wardrobe, vanity table, and/or end table with a jewelry organizer. Whether you own a lot of glitzy and glamorous jewelry or a more earthy and natural collection of adornments, you can combine your high-fashion tastes in furniture and in jewels with a stylish jewelry armoire.

Jewelry Armoire Features

Jewelry armoires are the ultimate storage units and organizers! With their multiple compartments, divided drawers, swing-out sides, drop-down areas, and other convenient features, you can now easily organize your jewelry collection using the built-in necklace hooks and double hooks, rows of ring holders, room for 10-30 pairs of hanging earrings, bracelet holders, luxurious felt-lined drawers and interiors, and more.

Some jewelry armoires have tops which lift up to reveal a mirror, saving you a trip to the bathroom vanity mirror, while others feature full-length mirrors that hang on a stand and rotate, allowing you to examine yourself from all angles as you get gussied up for your day or night out. Many jewelry armoires provide shelves for displaying your favorite photographs or trophies or for conveniently holding perfume, plants, books, and more. Look also for jewelry armoires equipped with lingerie drawers and which are designed to meet all your wardrobe needs.

Jewelry Armoire Wood

Jewelry armoires are made from solid wood or MDF and come in a variety of finishes, allowing you to coordinate your newest piece of furniture with your existing décor. Look for finishes such as cherry, mahogany, espresso, black, maple, oak, and other colors.

Jewelry Armoire Styles

Jewelry armoire styles include:

•- Antique

•- Contemporary

•- Asian

•- Louis Philippe

•- Mission

•- Traditional

•- Hand-Carved

•- Hand-Painted

Jewelry Armoire Tips

•- If you live in a small bedroom or apartment that is too small for an extra piece of furniture, invest in a space-saving wall-mounted jewelry armoire (such as a recessed wall-mounted unit wherein a full-length mirror disguises the jewelry armoire, which comes with a lock and can be connected to a home security system).

•- To protect against burglars, to safe-keep from children, and for peace of mind concerning your valuables, consider a locking jewelry armoire which comes complete and lock and key and may include an alarm system

•- Be sure to check your inventory of jewelry before you make your way to the store to ensure that it contains all the jewelry compartments that you need.