Patio Umbrellas

Number One Patio Accessory

Patio umbrellas have become the number one patio, porch, deck, and poolside accessory, helping you to enjoy your outdoor living spaces in the cool shade, away from the heat and rain. Moreover, today's patio umbrellas have become fashionable pieces of furniture in their own right! Available in myriads of fabric colors and frame combinations, patio umbrellas can compliment or provide a decorative contrast to your existing outdoor furniture.

Types of Patio Umbrellas

Here are some of the patio umbrella options available today:

•- Wood/simulated wood frame

•- Aluminum frame

•- Multiple tilt and crank options

•- Stand-alone umbrellas

•- Table-top Umbrellas

•- Plain color or printed fabric

•- Sunbrella Umbrella - the most famous manufacturer of outdoor fabrics, whose umbrellas are highly durable, and fade and stain-resistant.

Buying a Patio Umbrella

Here are some tips on buying an umbrella for your patio, porch or deck:

•- Measure the width of your outdoor table; then buy a patio umbrella at least 12 inches larger to protect against dripping rain.

•- Practice opening and shutting the umbrella in the store, experimenting with cranks, tilts, and pull/push mechanisms.

•- Before purchasing, experiment with various combinations of umbrellas and umbrella stands/bases to find the perfect fit for your patio décor.

Patio Umbrella Accessories

To enhance and extend the life of your favorite patio umbrella, consider the following accessories:

•- Umbrella Cover: You can add years to your patio furniture and umbrella fabric by investing in a high-quality umbrella cover, typically made from synthetic materials. If you buy the cover and umbrella at the same time, your product warranties will match and you will provide the maximum protection for your outdoor décor right off the bat.

•- Mosquito net enclosure

•- Umbrella Lights: Thanks to modern-day lighting solutions, you can now light up your outdoor space after twilight by attaching LED lights to your patio umbrella. Whether you choose white or colored lights, you can use lights for a creative decorative effect.

Additional Shade Products

Patio umbrellas are one of many contemporary products designed to protect you and your family and friends from the sun and rain and to make your outdoor experience as comfortable as possible. Additional shade products popular today include:

•- Portable Shade Canopy (A shade canopy has four sturdy poles and a durable, weather-resistant canopy top that provides instant shade at any time of day. Lightweight and quick to set up, they come in a variety of sizes and are adjustable to maximize your shade in any location)

•- Enclosed Shade Canopy

•- Retractable Shade Canopy

•- Backyard Shade Canopy

•- Shade Sail