Living Room Comfort-The Sofa

Not A Little Kid Anymore

Do you remember when you were little sitting on the sofa and your feet didn't touch the ground? You had to shift, squiggle and perhaps even turn over and slide off in order to get into motion on the floor. We more or less expect that for children, but when we're adults, we hope those days are long gone. The furniture in the living room should be comfortable without creating challenges to enter and exit the seated position.

Your Furniture Is A Reflection Of Your Personality

Your living room furniture will probably be one of those purchases that you don't want to do too many times, so it is important to make some solid decisions before investing in it. Consideration as to the design of the furniture as well as colors and patterns are necessary before the check is written. Remember, you can paint the walls rather inexpensively, but quality pieces of furniture are an investment.

The living room is the visual focal point of the home and often the center of activity. This room is where the family gathers to chat about their day, watch a movie or visit with friends. Since the living room is a reflection of the owner, it is important that it reflect the style, personality and individuality of that person. The combination of tables, chairs and sofas help to bring the individual style and taste into focus.

The Centerpiece Of The Room - The Sofa

Let's start with the sofa. It is the most important piece of furniture in the living room, and as we said when we began this article, a functional sofa should allow you to touch the floor when you are sitting on it normally. When purchasing your sofa, be sure to sit on it and check to see if the height and cushion depth is comfortable and practical. If you feel like you have to jump to sit down on it, it is too high. Find something with lower cushions or ask for cushions that are lower if you feel you can't live without the particular design. Today you can find a design you like and have it adjusted to your particular needs without having it custom built.

Selecting The Style That Works For You

The style of sofa that is often thought of as a quality item is one that has very simple lines with plain back cushions and scroll or roll arms. Because the design is uncluttered, it will fit in with any theme a person decides to create. Square arms and squared backs are also readily available and are also plain enough to fit into most designs, however, it you are looking for a softer, less rigid feeling, then the camel back and roll arm choice is better.

Unless you have a love of fluffing cushions or picking up stray pillows, it is probably a good idea to avoid cushion backs. Not only are they labor-intensive, but they tend to lose their looks rather quickly. Feather-stuffed cushions are delightful to fall into, but they flatten and sag and need frequent plumping to keep them looking lovely.