Rocking Chairs


Known also as a swing rocking chair and a platform rocker, rocking chairs were invented more than 250 years ago, and their popularity hasn't waned since. The rocking chair has undergone myriads of stylistic changes since the original Windsor model, with designs continually evolving to embrace the styles of today. Often thought of the seat of choice for new mothers and grandmothers, and as furniture designated for the baby nursery or living room, rocking chairs are in fact enjoyed by people of all ages for its soothing and smooth back and forth ride.

Rocking Through the Ages

Here is a brief look at the historical evolvement of the rocking chair:

Windsor Rocking Chair: This first style, invented in the early 1700s near Windsor Castle in England and originating in the United States in Philadelphia, features a back frame with a bent, curved top that goes only as high as the shoulders, and spindles connecting the frame to the seat. Rocking chair cushions easily tie onto these spindles, securing the cushions for your added comfort.

Boston Rocking Chair: This variety has a higher back, an ornamented top, and a curvy seat (sloping down in the front and up in the back) that is said to conform to the natural curves of the body.

Ladder-Back Rocking Chair: Slats replace spindles across the back of these rocking chairs, connecting the two pieces of the back frame. The most well-known ladder-back rocking chair is the Shaker, named after the Shaker religious community that developed a high-quality line of furniture, including the Shaker rocking chair. The seat is typically woven and the top of the ladder-back features a decorative design.

Bentwood Rocking Chair: Named for it method of construction, soft wood pieces are bent into the various shapes that comprise the parts of this most beautiful rocking chair, which features a particularly deep seat and deep rock. The Bentwood originated in the mid-1800s in Vienna, Austria, and was invented by the Thonet brothers.

Wicker Rocking Chair: Perfect furniture for the outdoors due to their weather resistant, durable wicker weaving, wicker rocking chairs feature high sides leading up to the armrests.

Contemporary Rocking Chairs

Rocking chair innovations continue to "rock on" today, with chairs made from oak, hickory, walnut, cherry, chrome, and molded plastic, and with manufacturers putting modern spins on the classic spindle, ladder-back, and woven-back designs. Today you can find additional types of rocking chairs, including folding rocking chairs, glider rocking chairs, nursery rocking chairs, outdoor rocking chairs, as well as accessories such as rocking chair pads and cushions.

Fabulous Furniture Pieces

Whether your rocking chair is part of your living room furniture, baby nursery, or outdoor furnishings, the rocking chair's swing motion provides comfort and relaxation, and is particularly therapeutic for people suffering from lower back pain since the chair design takes pressure off of the lower back. Moreover, studies indicate that the repetitive motion associated with rocking chairs lowers blood pressure, rate of respiration, and stress levels. Perfect to soothe a colicky baby or lull any child to sleep, many adults have also been known to drift off on their favorite rocking chair...