Nursery Decor and More

The sky is the limit with baby furniture and nursery décor. You can truly find anything that you want to make your baby's nursery the most beautiful and appealing place that it could possibly be. While selecting cribs and changing tables, make sure to consider the look that you want to achieve in your nursery space.

Traditional and Stately

If you're hoping to create a traditional looking nursery, consider these ideas. Dark wood creates a stately looking nursery. You'll find cribs and matching changing tables with cherry wood coloring that will create a deep, lovely look in the nursery. You can match these items with dark, rich colors including dark blue, dark green, red and purple. Hang curtains with traditional patterns in these colors. Select crib sheets and throw rugs with small flower patterns for girls or with elegant checker patterns or stripes for boys.

A Modern Flair

For a more modern feeling, select crib furniture that is made with light wood. You can find furniture that maintains this nature light wood coloring, or furniture that comes with white paint or another fun color. For a truly eclectic look, select a bed in one color and a dresser in another color. You'll find fun looking for throw rugs, curtains, night lights and other accessories that keep to this modern theme. You can find all sorts of funky and fun items that are bright, colorful and unique. Look for bright, dynamic colors including orange, yellow, red, green and more. Place picture frames around the room and decorate the baby's space with pictures of the family.

Themes Abound

If you're hoping to create a theme in the baby's room, there are endless possibilities. For a slightly older child who's ready for a toddler bed, you'll be able to find beds that come in many shapes. You can purchase a princess toddler bed, or a race car one. This is a fun way to combine the practical need of the bed with the fun of your theme. Create a jungle feel in the nursery with animal murals and dark wood nursery furniture or let your little cowboy or cowgirl enjoy a Wild West theme. Create an ocean feeling in the nursery with surfboard pictures on the walls and sea shell accessories. Paint the ceiling blue and add clouds to it for the feeling of the outdoors. For boys, you can create a fireman theme or a Nascar one. Your girl would love a princess nursery or a doll one.

How to Get Started

Before you purchase nursery furniture, consider what theme you want to express. This will make it much easier to create the décor, without having to work around your already existing furniture items. If you want to have a modern feeling, don't buy the most traditional crib on the market. If you love pastel colors, find a light colored crib and changing table. These ideas will help you to create the look and feel that you want in this space. Keep in mind that you don't want to go overboard. You don't need every inch of the nursery decorated in order to achieve the desired effect. The right crib and changing table, in combination with a few key items such as a throw rug, window treatments, and some pictures, can create the look that you want instantly.

Have fun and get to work creating that perfect nursery for your perfect little one!