Living Room Furniture

According to some design exports, the living room is the most important room in the house. Here is some basic info on the most common pieces of furniture included in living room décor.

Most Important Room

According to some design experts, the living room is the most important room in the house. Living rooms are where family, friends, and guests meet, chat, laugh, watch TV, snack, relax and basically hang out. Obviously, you're going to want to the most comfortable and durable furniture for this room, yet at the same time you want to show off your great sense of fashion and style. Here is some basic info on the most common pieces of furniture included in living room décor.

Living Room Sofa

The sofa is the hallmark of a living room and often sets the tone, style, and theme for the rest of the living room's furnishings and accessories. Since your family will be the primary users, be sure to choose a sofa or couch suits you and yours and that is comfortable. There are myriads of sofas, couches, loveseats, sofa chairs, and living room sets available - select from understated and simple to elaborate and elegant, from traditional to New Age, and from Plain Jane to hip and happening.

Living Room Coffee Table

Coffee tables not only serve a function but can make a major fashion statement. In fact, living room coffee tables are often the focal point or centerpiece of the entire room. Wood and glass coffee tables are the most conventional, however modern coffee tables can be geometric in shape, may pivot on only one leg, and may be brightly colored or display a sleek metallic design. You can find round coffee tables, oval coffee tables, square or rectangular coffee tables, end tables, and coffee table sets.

Living Room Chairs

A blend of comfort and style is the ideal in living room chairs. Today's selection of living room chairs include armchairs, recliners, oversized chairs, loveseats, rocking chairs, and chairs made from leather, suede, wood, bamboo, wicker, vinyl, plastic, fabric, and metal. Before going to the furniture store, here are some guiding questions to ask: Are the living room chairs the main items of furniture in the room, or do they need to coordinate with the living room sofa or couch? How many people do I need to seat in the living room? Is my living room décor formal or casual? Do I want sturdy, traditional living room chairs, or chairs whose style is more contemporary and funky? Do I want printed, plain, fabric, wood or metallic living room chairs? Finally, what visual effect will the chairs have on the rest of the living room décor?

Living Room Design Styles

The following are some popular living room design styles: traditional, contemporary, international, casual, classic-modern, modern Zen, tropical, Victorian. For a better grasp of what current trends look like, check out the latest interior decorating magazines, consult with an interior designer, or do a search on the Internet where you will find scores of home design ideas, tips, pictures, resources, and more.

Living Room Accessories

Often it's the "extras" that make or break the effect of a room's décor. Here are some living room accessories that may enhance, compliment, or serve as a stylish contrast to your existing living room furnishings:

•- Furniture covers and cushions

•- Lamps/lighting fixtures

•- Plants

•- Carpets and area rugs

•- Wall hangings

•- Art Work

•- Clocks

•- Piano

•- Window Dressings

Don't forget to have fun and "live it up" while furnishing your ultimate living room!