Nursery Necessities 101

Congratulations! There's a baby on the way. You have many, many things to consider before this little bundle comes into your life. You'll certainly want to find him or her a name. You'll want to have clothes ready, learn about breastfeeding, and consider various strollers. Along with all of these details, you'll also want to think about the baby's sleeping arrangements and the nursery furniture and other items that you'll need for your new love.

Nursery Essentials

You'll find, as you start to research this topic, that there is a huge range of options when deciding what to buy for your nursery. While one person will tell you that you only need the basics, another will give you a list of 100 items they claim you "must" have in the nursery. You'll have to decide for yourself what you really want to have, and you'll need to evaluate this based on your financial situation, your space limitations and your preferences. Here, we offer some suggestions for essentials to help you in those first months with your new baby.

Sleeping Items for the Nursery

When the baby first comes home, you'll probably want to have a bassinet ready for him or her. These are smaller than cribs and can be placed in your room for a while. This will allow you to cater to your baby's needs each night without having to get up and go to the baby's room. Soon, however, you'll want to have a crib for the baby with a crib mattress. If you are going to borrow these items, make sure that the crib and mattress are in good shape and that they are up to current safety standards. You may want a monitor which will allow you to hear your baby if you're out of range. There are many monitors on the market today. Some of them even have a motion detector so that you'll know when the baby stops moving and if the baby is having problems. Others have video screens on them, allowing you to watch your baby while he sleeps!

Relaxation Items in the Nursery

If you have the space, there are a number of items that can make the nursery a cozy place to relax and enjoy. A rocking chair or nursing chair is a great item to include in your wish list. This will allow you to nurse or bottle feed your baby before bed and to enjoy time snuggling together. A throw rug or carpeting will also create a cozy feeling in the room and a place to play as baby gets a bit bigger. If you have allergies in the family, consider using a small throw rug and having hardwood flooring rather than carpeting. This can make a difference in the baby's potential allergies. Purchase a night light so that there will be a small amount of light at night in the baby's room. This allows you to change the baby and to be with the baby at night without turning on the lights.

Changing Tables and More

Certainly, you'll want to have safe place to change your baby. You can purchase a changing table that includes a changing pad. There are many great sets that you can find that include a dresser with changing table. This allows you quick access to your baby's clothes at the same time that you are changing them. Purchase a mobile to have above the changing area so that your baby will be occupied during the changing.

Odors and Other Items

You'll be amazed how much your baby needs to be changed! Place a diaper pail near your changing table so that you'll have a convenient place to put the soiled diapers. These pails will help to isolate odors and to keep bacteria in a safe place. You may want to have a clothes hamper in the room as well so that you'll have all of the baby's dirty laundry together. Finally, purchase a cute toy chest or trunk where you can store the baby's toys. While the baby won't need much at first, he or she will soon be getting into everything and will enjoy knowing that the toys are there in the room.