Living Room Comfort-Tables & Chairs

The Walls Are Painted-You're Ready To Go!

Once you've decided on the paint and floor coverings for your living room, your canvas is prepared and ready to take the artwork of furniture design and decor. It is important to decide on the theme or style you want to create so your purchases and planning harmonize together, creating the individuality and feeling you want to have in your living room. No matter how small a room is, without furniture it tends to look rather large so bear in mind the amount of space you are working with and purchase your furniture to fit.

Since this is the room where your style will be most prevalent, the choices you make in furniture will reflect your personal taste. It is the room more frequently used than any other when it comes to gather together with the family or with friends. Whether you have decided to keep it formal or make it relaxed and comfy, the furniture you choose for the living room will create the feeling you want.

First The Sofa, Then Tables For Design And Function

The sofa is the primary piece of furniture to choose for your living room and once that is done, tables and chairs can be purchased which compliment its look. You may want to mix decor and function when it comes to choosing tables for this area. Coffee tables, usually found in the living or sitting room, can be a design statement, a good place to store things, or somewhere to place a vase or fruit bowl. The coffee table should be a compliment to the other furnishings in the room. In order to avoid having it "take over", the design should be clean and simple and it could be made of solid wood. If you're looking for function as well, you may consider a table that has built-in drawers to store magazines and clutter. Open-shelf tables or glass tops require a lot more dusting and cleaning to keep looking nice.

Console tables or end tables are also welcome pieces to add to a living room. They provide a platform for photos, lovely collectibles or books and come in a variety of styles and finishes. Rather than having them match the coffee table, choosing one or two in different designs that compliment your decor, yet at the same time bringing individuality to the space, is a nice way of adding variety and interest along with function. Leather tops, inlaid tops of tile or wood, or painted pieces all create interest.

Other Places To Sit That Add Interest And Personality

An accent chair can add just the right touch to bring out the flare in your room. Rather than having it covered in the same material as the sofa, use contrasting colors or prints instead. A style that compliments the furniture but is outstanding in its own right can give a bland room pizzazz. They are perfect for the space that needs a scaled down piece of furniture and they are versatile enough to be able to be used in any number of rooms. Arm chairs and occasional chairs are the balance to a room, adding more seating space without crowding the area.