Wholesale and Discount Rugs

Add Flare with Fashionable Rugs

If you want to give your floors a makeover, nothing stands out and makes a fashion statement like decorative rugs! Whether you are looking to match existing furniture, create an entirely new look, or add finishing touches to a room, carpets and area rugs can transform, revitalize, and enhance any environment. From quiet and traditional to brass and sassy, and from elegant and sophisticated to vibrant and contemporary, nothing adds more flare to interior decorating schemes than versatile rugs.

Adding Function to Fashion

With the current availability of wholesale and discount rugs, you can now beautify your floors without blowing your decorating budget. Discount and wholesale rugs come in a wide array of alluring designs, fabrics, colors, and shapes at prices you can afford. And you won't be sacrificing quality either. Rug suppliers today offer name-brand, premium rugs that meet the highest industry standards at discount prices.

Moreover, rugs are a much cheaper way to make a fashion statement and liven up a room than its painting or wall-papering counterparts. Area rugs, in particular, require no installation, are easy to clean, and when moving day arrives, your rugs easily come along for the ride! Rugs absorb noise levels in rooms with tile, hardwood, or other hard-surfaced floors, and rugs provide warmth and comfort to weary feet.

Save Money and Serve up Quality

You can save up to 80% on retail carpet costs when you buy discounted rugs. Some rugs are less expensive because they are bought directly from the factory floor or are manufactured by the rug suppliers themselves. Other inexpensive rugs are simply discontinued designs from the previous year's collection that are in fact brand new. Sometimes rug suppliers offer their inventory of overstock rugs to their customers at marked-down or clearance prices. Wholesale rugs still come with full manufacturer's warranties, and some rugs come with a money-back guarantee, allowing you and your feet rest easy. With the rising costs of retail rugs, high-value rugs at discount prices make good, wholesome sense!

To help keep you on solid ground while you are shopping for rugs, here are some buyer tips from rug connoisseurs:

*** Shop from reputable dealers and be sure to check the credentials of any online discount rug dealers.

*** If you are shopping purchasing a rug unseen, find out the return policy for your rug and ask for a guarantee.

*** To avoid purchasing a cheap alternative rather than a high-quality rug, beware of advertisements that use phrases such as "just like" and "faux genuine."

Ravishing Rug Styles

So stay 'au courant' and make a fashion statement with stylish rugs today!

Select from a wide of array of rug styles, including: Oriental rugs, contemporary rugs, antique rugs, traditional rugs, hand-made rugs, natural fiber rugs, hand-tufted and hand-knotted rugs; hooked rugs, machine-made rugs, bath rugs, surfboard rugs, kids' rugs, hearth rugs, shag rugs, area rugs, wool rugs, synthetic rugs, outdoor rugs, braided rugs, heart-shaped rugs, sheep rugs, and many, many more.