The Beauty Of Wood

If you're looking for timeless beauty, durability and a way to instantly increase the value of your home, hardwood flooring is the way to do it. Along with being hard-wearing and classy, wood is a natural resource that is environmentally friendly, renewable and recyclable. You just can't find this kind of value in laminates and most other floor coverings.

Quality, Value And A Decor Statement All In One

Hardwood flooring has an air of quality about it and has, as we know, been used for centuries to cover the floors of the most exquisite and exclusive mansions and estates in the world. It exudes a feeling of permanence and quality when compared to manufactured floors. They add value to your property and are a true investment as they retain their value. This type of flooring never goes out of style and, if you long for something different, you can use carpets and rugs with ease. The natural colors and unobtrusive feeling of hardwood flooring blends easily with all types of decor and actually are a statement of decor sense all by themselves.

Whether Smooth Or Textured, Hardwood Adds Character

The styles of wood flooring have stepped back in time and it is now quite common to find hand scraped, distressed and reclaimed flooring, along with the standard smooth hardwood of days gone by. Texture is popular and these floors have a classic look to them. Wear and scratches are well hidden and because the texture is natural, they will have a lot of character to them. They can be the centerpiece of any room, or of the entire house.

Yes, You Too Can Lay A Floor

With all of the advances in the construction of hardwood flooring, many floors are actually quite easy to install and more people are beginning to lay their hardwood floors themselves. Hardwood suppliers will gladly work with customers to find out how much of the work the person really wants to do, and they can make recommendations and suggest trades people to help where and when necessary. Hardwood flooring can be ordered prefinished, so the need to finish or seal the floor after it is laid is eliminated. Actually, pre-finished floors can be laid right out of the box, it's that simple.

Hiring a professional to install your floors will take a lot less time than doing it yourself and the results are practically guaranteed to be excellent. Professionals also charge to do the work. It might be worth the time and effort to do the job yourself since it can cost upward of several thousand dollars to have someone else lay flooring. The bulk of the cost goes to purchasing the wood and renting the tools for the job when you do it yourself. When you hire professionals, the bulk of the money goes to paying for their expertise and quality of craftsmanship.

At the end of the day, how you get the flooring in is your call. Once the flooring is in, your home will be more beautiful than ever before-so beautiful you may just want to live there forever.