Vinyl Flooring 101

Vinyl flooring is a great solution for many situations. Businesses, in particular, find vinyl flooring to be very useful and durable. Before selecting flooring, it is important to research all of your options and to come to an educated decision. Learn more here about vinyl flooring to evaluate whether it's the right choice for your needs.

Flexibility with Vinyl

Many businesses love vinyl flooring because vinyl tiles can be arranged into patterns. A corporate logo can be put in the floor, for instance, or the vinyl tiles may be used to guide traffic in a hospital or medical center, or to invite customers into a retail location. Vinyl allows for a vast array of design and style choices and can even simulate the look of wood or ceramic. Vinyl flooring is available as sheet flooring and as tile pieces.

Resilience and Durability

Vinyl is quite resilient while also having give to it. Vinyl reduces the noise level in a room and provides a comfortable place for people to walk. This flooring choice is not as hard as the surfaces of other flooring options such as wood, laminate, or ceramic tile and it is easier on the legs than are these other options. Vinyl is both moisture and stain resistant, allowing easy removal of stains.

Safety First

Many vinyl floors are available with slip-retardant surfaces. This creates an extra layer of safety and can be very useful in a doctor's office, a hospital or a retail store. Similarly, it is helpful in a home with children underfoot! In addition, these surfaces are very easy to clean and to maintain. Vinyl is waterproof, creating a nice sanitary advantage over carpeting or other flooring options. These sealed or welded seams also prevent contaminants from becoming lodged in the cracks, allowing hospitals and other health care facilities to benefit from these flooring choices. Vinyl won't be damaged with disinfectant cleaners and stains are very easy to remove. Vinyl is also great for sports facilities like gymnasiums and exercise rooms, as they have a no-wax, stain-resistant surface and low maintenance costs.


Vinyl floors are very easy to install as either sheets or tiles. Self adhesive tiles are very easy to install and are provided with exact dimensions and thickness, so that you'll create a smooth, even finish for the floor.

Vinyl flooring is a great choice for many locations. The one place that it is not recommended is for commercial kitchens. It is often used, however, for light duty kitchens and for residential kitchens. Vinyl is inexpensive, easy to maintain and looks great in most locations!