Have More Fun with Bamboo Flooring

Many people will have a similar reaction when they hear the words, "bamboo flooring." "Bamboo?" they'll say. "Are you kidding?" However, bamboo is actually becoming the new chic look in flooring styles. Bamboo has been used for flooring in the Pacific Rim for decades now, and it's catching on in other places. You can easily see why because it has a huge range of style choices and is easy to maintain. Here are four key reasons to consider bamboo for your next flooring renovation.

Reason #1 - Go Green -

In this age of environmental conservation, bamboo flooring is a great choice. While hardwood floors can often require many years for reforestation, bamboo grows abundantly all around the world and it is replenished very quickly.

Reason #2 - Put It In and Keep It Up Easily

Bamboo is easy to install and to maintain. Certain bamboo flooring options are incredibly easy to install. The average person can install one of these floors in a weekend! This makes it quite appealing as a great way to keep down costs. Many flooring options need to be installed in fair climates, such as stone, tile or vinyl. Bamboo, on the other hand, is great in all climates and can be installed virtually anywhere. In addition, bamboo is easy to maintain. It is resilient and strong and can handle high traffic areas very well.

Reason #3 - Style, Of Course

You can't get much more hip than bamboo! Bamboo looks chic and elegant in any room. While it is usually very light in color, it can also be found tinted and finished in darker shades. It is usually finished in a high gloss finish, but can also be found in matte and semi-gloss. Bamboo's versatility allows consumers to tailor their flooring needs to their tastes and to find exactly the right look for their space.

Reason #4 - Strong and Durable

Bamboo is known to be an incredible durable and strong material. It can carry much more than its own weight and creates a floor surfacing that is strong and almost unbreakable. While bamboo is incredibly strong, it's also lightweight, creating the perfect combination for your floor. In addition, bamboo holds up beautifully over years of use.

Bamboo is a great alternative to traditional hardwood floors. Learn more about this unique option and be the first on your block to switch over to bamboo!