Subtle Beauty

Are you looking to bring a touch of the mysterious Far East into your home? Certainly there are many ways to do that without breaking the bank. Asian culture has made a huge impression on the West in recent years and many people are using some of the beautiful techniques, rich fabrics and minimalist ideas to recreate their living spaces.

Just A Few Small Additions and Voila!

One way to add the Asian dimension to your home is through the purchase of some of the more popular Oriental décor items. The Buddha, in any one of his famous incarnations, is an obvious way to add the Far East element to a room. Buddha statues can be purchased in stone or jade, china or pottery, and they bring a calming and harmonious feel to the space they occupy. Beautiful Asian wall scrolls showcase traditional and typical Asian art and design. They can be framed or, if not in use, rolled up and stored until the right place can be found for them.

Plant it Inside or Outside and Enjoy the Effects

Oriental plants add a sense of serenity to any space. Bamboo plants and bonsai trees fare well indoors and out in the warmer months. Japanese plum and cherry blossom trees and the Chinese tallow tree are widely used around homes to convey a sense of the Orient. When placed in front of a window, they give pleasure both indoors and out.

Furnishings and Accessories Add Flavor

The plethora of Asian offerings in furniture and accessories means variety and a choice for everyone. Japanese style low tables, paper lanterns and Oriental umbrellas are common outdoor décor items. Paper or bamboo lamps and lighting fixtures are a lovely addition to any room and Shoji screens can be used as room dividers or elegant decoration in a room. There are several different animals which are honored in the Asian cultures. Incorporating one of them in stone, brass or jade is another way to bring the Orient home.

Eat Dinner in Japan

If you are open and ready for it, an entire room can be decorated in an Asian theme. Perhaps you could choose to do your dining room Japanese. Low, black lacquered tables with cushions around to sit on will be the centerpiece. Tatami mats and screens help to set the stage for a dramatic trip to the Far East for dinner. Choosing serving pieces in a Japanese style and pattern and using chop sticks and green tea cups will further develop the sense of the Orient. The presence of bamboo plants and screens as well as silk pillows serves to complete the picture.  Now, all that's required is a course in making sushi and miso soup.

Check Out the Variety of Sources and Have Fun

No matter how much or how little influence you wish to use in your room, there is no lack of décor items available. Take time to visit the various Asian sections of your city, if you are able. Most décor houses carry great lines of Oriental furnishings and accessories to make the Far East part of your living décor.