More Ideas for Small Spaces

Making good use of a small space can sometimes be a major challenge. Whether the room is a small part of a big house, or the largest room in the small apartment you just moved into, there are several ways to maximize your space.

Sometimes a Small Space Should be Just That - A Small Space

We offer some ways below to create visual expanse and also the opportunity to make your small space incredibly special and inviting. Not every small space needs to be made to look larger - maybe it just needs to be made more enveloping. A smaller space often offers comfort and warmth where a larger space requires a lot more work to accomplish the same feeling.

Color and Fabric Can Make All the Difference

The use of rich, warm colors is an easy and instant way to warm up a small space. Using wonderful fabrics on the windows and throw blankets and pillows on the floors and sofa make the space cozy. If you are of a mind, remove the doors and use draperies instead to separate the spaces. "Cozy" is a deliberate style and should not be shunned because it doesn't have a so-called classy name.

Remove the Clutter - Make More Space

By reducing clutter in the room, you automatically create space. Start by removing everything from the tables, sofa, chairs and other surfaces. Put it all in a box and clean the room. Then, one piece at a time, add the things you removed. Stop when the room feels tasteful and comfortable. There's no need to fill it with stuff just because you have it. In a small space, too much on the surfaces creates a feeling of clutter and mess.

Don't be Afraid of the Big Stuff

Don't be afraid to use large scale furniture in a small space. Often you only will need a couple of pieces to take up space and keep things looking sleek and open. Clutter is reduced instantly when you use larger pieces. The same goes for wall hangings. A larger wall piece takes the place of several smaller ones and creates a sense of openness. And, if you really want to open up your space - clean the windows. Really. Clean windows allow in more light and the room automatically takes on a brighter, bigger feel.

Use Paint to Create Atmosphere and Space

You can use paint to draw attention to one wall. By painting a feature wall in a bold, warm color and painting the other walls in a lighter color or paler version of the feature wall, you draw the eye to that wall and the other walls sort of evaporate - opening up the room. One last thing, use as much multi-functional furniture as possible. A coffee table that can double as a linen chest is a great asset. A chest of drawers can hold magazines, games and even a TV. Use your imagination.

Allow your mind to run free and don't be afraid to experiment. Small spaces can be a lot of fun to decorate. And having created your perfect little space, you may not ever want to leave it.