Rustic Can Mean Many Things

A rustic style interior is a phrase which describes a variety of styles that emphasize natural, unrefined elements, such as you would find in the outside world. Popular styles which fall under this heading are southwestern, country, log cabin, lodge, western and farmhouse. Of course, within each of these divisions are myriad designs and decors from which to draw ideas and inspiration.

Color, Finish, Wood and Metal All Make the Style

The color palette is drawn from natural sources and materials like leather and suede, pewter or metal with a patina, wrought iron or rusted metals, stone, rocks or concrete, and outdoor elements. Floors are made of wood and furniture is made from various types of woods, twigs, branches and bark. Coverings for chairs and sofas, as well as floor coverings, are made from natural fabrics like cotton, hemp, linen, wool or animal hides.

The Southwestern Style of Rustic Decor

The Southwestern style home is influenced by Native American, Spanish and Mexican designs that all blend beautifully together to give a laid-back feeling to your home. Featuring earthy colors, coarse surfaces, and intense textiles of vibrant colors, wrought iron, terracotta and painted stoneware, the southwestern home is a delightful mix of texture and color. Hand-painted ceramic or clay tiles feature prominently in this type of design and decor, used for flooring, countertops and walls. The color palette includes desert neutrals, greens and clay reds, with offsetting touches of turquoise, yellow and orange. Colorful native textiles adorn the walls and upholstery - or you may find leather and suede a popular choice for sofas, chairs and ottomans. Distressed pine is appearing more and more for tables and shelving.

What Makes the Rustic Country Style?

Rustic country style features the earthiness and richness of subdued, darker colors, vintage textiles, uncomplicated furniture and down-to-earth accessories. The color scheme is time-worn and lived in, using muted tones and understated class while today's modern interpretation may use a richer, more colorful palette. Perfect furnishings for country style include family heirlooms, antiques and wonderful flea market finds, plain in design with a painted finish. Furniture coverings are often plain with accent fabrics in floral patterns, plaids, stripes or check designs. Accent the room with pottery, baskets and wooden crockery.

Whoa, Cowboy

Think cowboys and pioneers, pastures, "the range" and all things rugged and natural, and you have the general sense of Western style rustic decor. Such found objects as horseshoes, antlers, saddles and wagon wheels are featured in this style. Natural leather, metal and weathered wood are prominently used to convey the feeling of the old west. Furniture is most often covered in leather and feature detailing such as fringe or nailhead trim. The other popular option for coverings is thick, hand-woven wool textiles. For a touch of whimsy, add some Cowboy memorabilia for the 1950s.