Rub-A-Dub Tub

You Don't Have To Bathe In The River

Did you know there are some countries on the planet in which a bathtub is a luxury for the rich and famous only? For many people, the only "soak" they'll get is in the local river, lake or sea. Hopefully that thought makes you glad you can not only have a tub, but you can choose exactly the kind of tub you want for your bathroom design. Long gone are the days when bathtubs were literally tubs filled with water which was heated on a woodstove. Today you can pick your shape, color and depth-textured bottom or not-whatever your pleasure, there's a tub to suit you.

Bathtubs In Everything From Cast Iron To Plastic

Less than a century ago the bathtub was cast iron. Now, such items cost a fortune, but they're incredibly lovely to behold. It's a sign of luxury and elegance to have your bathroom graced with an antique-style iron bathtub. You may find an original through an antique dealer if you are looking for a vintage bathtub. Otherwise, they are available in most modern shapes and sizes through most of the big bathroom fixture companies and some have reproductions of the original styles.

Most modern bathtubs are made of steel, plastic and acrylic. They've very light but durable and available in many different sizes, shapes and colors. For instance, how about the wow factor of a stunning black bathtub under recessed lighting and surrounded by candles? Sounds sexy and delicious, doesn't it? Or, if your bathroom is big enough, a round bathtub in the center of a large bathroom is a very impressive feature in the overall design of the space. The tub can be recessed into the floor with steps down into it, or above the floor with stunning racks for towels and shelves holding bath treats all around it. Add a Jacuzzi feature for fun.

Big Or Small, There's A Tub For All

If your space is small, there are tubs designed specifically for your needs. Those who are space-challenged and still want the pleasure of a tub can purchase space saving tubs that are designed to take very little wall space. They also come in a wide variety of colors and styles, so you are not limited in your choices. Pick what you love and what matches your décor the best.

Corner tubs are quite popular these days. Corner tubs really don't save space, as we like to think they do, but they're a great deviation from the norm and add a lot of character to the bathroom. They use less wall space, but because of their shape, they protrude into the room more than a rectangular tub would do. Regardless, the designs they are available in make it easy to pick the tub that is perfect for your taste and room. Use the extra wall space for a great towel rack, or maybe even a stand-alone shower. It's a good use of space and an added feature to your bathroom.