The Quiet Space

Admit it. When you really want some time away from everyone, where do you go? Right. To the bathroom. Why? Because nobody is going to bother you when you're in there. Well, that is unless you have little kids who will follow you all the way to the door and stand calling until you come out. Otherwise, it's a pretty solitary space and one that deserves some consideration when it comes to décor. If you're going to spend time there, it might as well be pleasant - don't you think?

Get In There and Do It

The great thing is that the bathroom can be one of the most fun and enjoyable places in your entire home to decorate. There are definitely limitations, but there is no limit to imagination - especially since it is one room that is often separated from the bulk of the living space. This is the space you can use to experiment with color or design and not worry too much whether everyone loves it or not.

Room to Experiment

Some homes have a toilet room and a bath/shower room separate from one another. If that's the case, you can decorate them individually and tie the décor together by means of color or accessories. If your bathroom is one space with toilet, sink and tub/shower together, then you can enjoy doing the entire room. This is where you can experiment with color and develop the feeling you want to elicit when in the bathroom. Will it be cool, soothing and peaceful or opulent and regal? Will it be pretty or trendy, funky or funny? Are you thinking country style and wood or modern style with stainless steel and black? Whatever you choose, don't be afraid to make the bathroom unique and individual while tying it into the décor of your home.

Style Reflections and Bathroom Decor

Homes generally come in one of four basic styles: traditional, modern, country and casual. Often this will dictate how the décor is done and each style enables a person to express their own individuality within the structure of design. The comfortable and calm feeling of the traditional style offers an understated and sophisticated look with classic lines to the fixtures, hardware and cabinetry. Using a deeper shade of the color of your room on the windows adds interest to this design.

Modern bathrooms are uncluttered and simple with a feel of contrast between color and objects in the room. Using paper globes, great looking towels and a wonderful shower curtain all add to the look of the modern style bathroom. There was a time when country styles were all about ruffles and fuss. Today they exude simplicity, warmth and relaxation. Try sponging or ragging the walls in your country style bathroom for a welcome and soft expression.

The Casual bathroom takes its cue from your imagination. Monochromatic color in flat enamel, eggshell, satin or semi-gloss paint keep the feeling consistent and smooth. Using one basic color makes it easier for the eyes to take in the variety of textures and fabrics you will be using.

Just Let it Flow

Whatever design you choose, this is the space to allow your creativity to flow like a river.