Bathroom Rugs

Inexpensive Bathroom Décor

If you want to beautify your bathroom without blowing your budget, invest in a bathroom rug - the highly functional yet highly fashionable bathroom accessory! There are bath rugs to suit every taste and every style. Bathroom rugs can brighten up a drab room, protect your floors and carpets, create a focal point for the bath area, reflect your bathroom's decorative theme, or tie together all the decorative elements of your design scheme. Moreover, bathroom rugs are a great way to update or renew your existing bathroom without the expense of painting, re-tiling, or re-wallpapering.

Bathroom Rug Benefits

Did you know that bathroom area rugs are one of the most versatile decorating elements? Here are some of the many benefits of decorating with bathroom rugs:

•- Keep your feet soft and warm

•- Prevent slippage

•- Add color, contrast, diversity, interest and/or texture

•- Can reflect any theme (kids or adults)

•- Can easily be changed (with the seasons or as tastes change)

•- Add warmth to cold floors

•- Can be place over bathroom carpeting

•- Are yours to keep when it's time to move

•- Are a terrific addition to any type of bathroom: master bathroom, powder room, kids' bathroom, guest bathroom

•- Are easy to clean

•- Can be hung on the wall as a creative decorative element

•- Can reflect your personality and your home décor

Types of Bathroom Rugs

There are hundreds of bathroom rug styles, sizes and colors to choose from. Rug styles include traditional Oriental rugs, soft chenille rugs, shag rugs, plush rugs, high-pile rugs, throw rugs, thin rugs, thick rugs, floral rugs, contemporary rugs, elegant rugs, round rugs, oval rugs, hand-tufted rugs, surfboard rugs, colorful rugs, children's rugs, personalized rugs, and more.

Bathroom Rug Materials

Nylon and polyester are the most common bathroom rug fabrics, preferred on account of their durability and ability to survive multiple washings without loss of color or texture. While comfortable cotton rugs are another favorite, they typically become damaged with use (showing lint and shrinking) and require more maintenance than their counterparts. If you buy a cotton bathroom rug, the experts advise investing in high-quality Supima cotton. Finally, you can also find bamboo bathroom rugs today, which are highly durable but not very absorbent or soft on your feet.

Bathroom Rug Pads

According to the rug experts, no bathroom rug is complete without a high-quality rug pad underneath! Rug pads not only prolong the life of your bath rug and make it easier to vacuum, but rug pads protect your floor and keep you and your bath area rug from slipping. Bathroom rug pads are available in a wide array of shapes and sizes and can be cut to custom fit your exact carpet. Most quality rug pads come with 10-year guarantees and are reversible for use on top of carpeting or floors.

An "Extra" Touch

If you're looking for that special "extra" to send your bathroom décor over the top (and up the fashion charts), consider the addition of a decorative bathroom rug. Your bathroom floor is sure to receive a standing ovation!