Create a Feng Shui Kitchen

Today's kitchen is really the center of the family's activities. Many houses are now built to highlight the kitchen space and to make it an inviting location for people to gather, to eat and to enjoy each other's company. This contrasts a great deal with kitchen design plans in older homes, which used to hide the kitchen from view as much as possible.

With the kitchen as a focal point, it's important to think about the energy you want to create in your kitchen space and the healthy environment that you want to have. Use these feng shui kitchen tips to get your kitchen in the right order and yourself in the correct frame of mind while cooking away!

Feng Shui Colors & Cabinets

In feng shui philosophy, the kitchen is the health of the family. The feng shui kitchen is one that is organized, tidy and simplified. For these reasons, you should use cabinet hardware that includes clean, modern designs. Cabinet hardware should be inviting, easy to use, and easy to clean. Don't use bold colors in the kitchen, as they are part of the Fire Element, and should be avoided in this space. Red, pink and purple are all colors that create a lack of harmony and that add to more arguing among family members. Look for cabinet hardware and cabinetry in neutral finishes and colors.

Feng Shui Cooking

When you cook in the kitchen, you should also take feng shui into consideration. The person cooking should always be in the commanding position. This means that you can either hang a mirror over the stove to create a way for the chef to see the doorway while cooking, or that you should purchase a kitchen island. A kitchen island creates extra counter space and allows the cook to see the doorway while he is cooking. The island allows the chef to stay on top of the kitchen and to feel in command while cooking. This creates a feng shui design while preparing food.

Feng Shui Organization

Feng shui believes that the kitchen should be organized and tidy at all times. Invest in a few utensil drawer organizers to make sure that the utensils are all organized and in place. Use Lazy Susans, spice racks, door storage racks and other organizers to help you keep a tidy space. Keep the door to the kitchen open to welcome opportunities and keep the trash and recycling emptied at the end of each day.

Extra Feng Shui Suggestions

With a few more feng shui tips, you should be on your way to a tidy, organized kitchen and a more peaceful cooking life. Don't sit near the microwave or toaster, since these can cause emotional upset and can create family problems. Sweep and mop every week to create financial security! Keep a bowl on the countertop that is filled with fruits to represent good health and energy.

Creating more balance in the kitchen can help you to create more balance in your life. With just a few changes, you can create a more serene emotional state - and a tidy kitchen where people will enjoy coming to relax, converse, cook and more.