Kitchen Décor On A Shoestring

These days, with money doing funny things, redecorating the kitchen (or any other space) may feel like you're overdoing it. However, by using some ingenuity and low-cost decorating ideas, you can decorate the kitchen and create the feeling that you have spent a lot of money when, in fact, you spent very little. Decorating shouldn't be painful. On the contrary, it can be fun and easy and the rewards are very worthwhile.

Fastest, Easiest And Least Expensive: Paint

The least expensive and most effective way to change the feeling of your kitchen is by changing the paint. Instead of paying someone to do the job, do it yourself. You can add interest and texture by using a sponge or rag, or by using a faux paint. Intense, clear colors and some colorful pottery can take a bland kitchen into spicy Spanish with little effort. The only limit is in your mind.

Let's Go Saling (Garage Saling That Is)

If you're into garage sales or flea marketing, then there is an abundance of treasures awaiting you. Find some old brass and wire baskets, clean them up and use them to hold anything from napkins to fruit. Great linens, tablecloths and sheeting which can be transformed into curtains and placemats can also be found at sales and markets.

Check around the house for things you wouldn't normally put in the kitchen and change them around. A bookshelf in the kitchen can hold all sorts of things, including books. Hang a rack from the ceiling to hold your pots, pans, herbs and utensils, or restore and old chandelier and hang it as a focal point in the kitchen. It's an unobtrusive way to change the décor without taking up space.

Can We Have A Little Light Here, Please?

Lighting can change the way a room looks with as little as the cost of a light bulb. You can increase the amount of light in the room by using a daylight bulb which will, in turn, make your space look bigger. Or, you can soften the lighting with a lower intensity bulb or set a space apart by adding a chair and lamp. That chandelier we talked about could easily brighten the countertop or island it is hung over to give you better lighting for your work service as well as create a central focus.

If your counter has enough space to accommodate some stools, you can probably pick two or three up at a garage or yard sale, paint them and voila-your counter is now a bar. It not only adds atmosphere to the kitchen, but it also creates a great place for guests to hang out when they come to visit. Stools are casual and classy, all at the same time.

Show Off Your Art Or Photographs

Another fun thing to do to enhance your kitchen is to hang a great piece of art or a fun picture or two in the room. Art can brighten a space without having to change the color of the wall. Create a photo gallery on a wall that isn't affected by heat or water, and change the pictures by rotating them with other pictures in your house. That way you have a constant change of scenery without having to spend a penny.

There are many little ways you can enhance your kitchen without breaking the bank.  Just be creative and have some fun!