Enjoying a Kitchen with a Theme

Many people don't know where to begin when it's time to create a new look in the kitchen. Whether they are renovating and creating an entirely new kitchen, or simply want a new look, it's important to think about the décor and the theme that you'll want to use. A kitchen theme can be playful and fun; it can also, however, become overbearing and cluttered. For this reason, it's important to consider the theme that you want to achieve and to think carefully about how you want to do so.

Which Theme to Use?

When you are considering a kitchen theme, you should look at your own life. What hobbies, interests, activities and animals do you like? Are you a dog lover? Do you live for great coffee? If you love giraffes, perhaps you'll want to paint the kitchen a light yellow and find cute giraffe door knobs, pulls and handles to enjoy in the kitchen space. If you love bike riding, perhaps you'll want to find pictures to hang in the kitchen that have a bike theme and hunt for bike knobs and pulls for the cabinetry. When considering your theme, you should think about your long-term enjoyment. Just because a backsplash of butterflies sounds cute now, will you continue to enjoy it five years from now?

How To Incorporate the Theme

One of the easiest ways to incorporate your chosen theme is through your hardware. There are many companies on the market today that make absolutely adorable hardware. You can find marine theme, animal themes, food themes and many more incorporated into the design and shape of your cabinet hardware. These knobs and pulls create an inexpensive and easy way to instantly incorporate a theme into your kitchen décor.

Other Ideas to Incorporate Theme

Along with the hardware, there are certainly many other ways to incorporate the theme into your motif. Purchase pictures or paintings that have the theme on them and place them in various places in the kitchen. Add a tile backsplash that uses the theme as well. You might want to select a few counter tiles that also have the theme. For instance, you could use off-white counter tiles and have a fruit tile every forth tile. Then have a backsplash with a fruit scene. Choose colors based on the theme as well. If you're trying to create the look of a ship, use blues and greens for the water. If you love Dalmatian dogs, keep the kitchen to black and white.

Don't Go Overboard!

Start small when you decide to incorporate a theme into the kitchen. While you can probably think of hundreds of ways to use this theme - don't! Stick to two or three things that you will incorporate into the new kitchen décor. Then, if you enjoy what you've done, you can slowly add a few more things. Ask someone else, however, for their opinion as you add to the motif, making sure that you aren't going overboard with your use of the theme! Have fun redecorating and creating the kitchen of your dreams - with a theme!