It's All In the Details

It's the little touches that make the biggest difference. Whether you're decorating for a specific event or a holiday, or you just want to spice up your window treatment, the addition of carefully chosen accessories can change the entire look in a moment, without a huge financial investment.

The Rod Should Compliment Both Curtains and Decor

Curtains and drapes look best when they are hanging from a rod that compliments them and the decor of your room. You can choose from a huge assortment of styles, colors and sizes of rods as well as rings, clips and tabs from which to hang your curtains on the rods. The right hanging device can change the way your window looks, bringing the treatment to a whole new level.

Add Some Rich Metal...

Dress up your drapes with a swagged cord in a metallic color - like gold, bronze or silver - and change your drapery rods to match. The room will take on a whole new look of opulence and beauty. Add some candlelight and you've got romance in the air. You can also add cord drops to pull the drapes open and closed, making them look like they were professionally designed. A valance of wood or fabric takes the drapes from modest to magnificent.

What Would We Do Without Tiebacks?

Tiebacks come in more styles than you can count. Change the look of the dining room by adding metal tiebacks and swag your curtains behind a rosebud or leaf. You can create a special look by making tiebacks from the same fabric as your tablecloth, or, if you're accessorizing a bedroom, use the same fabric as the bedspread.

Speaking of bedrooms, they are one place you can let your romantic side rise to the surface. Add some lace to the curtains, or use lovely lace fabric as tiebacks. Adding a valance of lace or complimentary fabric to your room color can dramatically change the look of the window and of the room.

The Bathroom Curtains

In the bathroom, the shower curtain and the window curtains can be hung with the same style and color hooks or rings for a contemporary look. You can even purchase covers for the shower rod which will pick up one of the colors in the bathroom. Brighten up the space, or make the bathroom a romantic looking getaway by hanging sheers over the shower curtain. Tie the sheers back with velvet, silk or ribbons and add some silk flowers and you've created a special space for yourself.

Cuppa Tea Anyone?

If those pretty lace curtains in the kitchen are looking less than pristine - try a tea bath for them. You can make them look antique and soft by soaking them in a bath of hot tea until they reach the degree of color that best suits you. They'll look like new curtains and it will only cost you the price of a few tea bags. Change the curtain rods to wood, brushed copper or brushed brass, and you've created a whole new look for your kitchen windows.

The possibilities are endless. At the end of the day, it's all in the details.