It's Curtains For You

Do you think of your curtains as swathes of fabric meant to protect your eyes and furniture from too much sunlight or as a way to give you privacy? It's time to think outside the box and start thinking about curtains in a new way. Think of them as an important design feature, a major accessory in the décor of any room. Even the plainest window can be enhanced with colorful drapes.

Majestic Feel

Over the last several years, there have been some style changes and certain fabrics have gained in popularity. Today's home interior designer has a wealth of options to consider. The costliest silk curtains will give a majestic feel to a room, but most customers prefer cotton or even polyester.

In addition to fabric considerations, it pays to think about how the curtains will be hung. It's still possible to obtain the ready-made loops, but have you thought about box-pleated curtain tops, tab tops, pencil pleats, and eyelets? All of these bring greater focus to your curtains as design elements.

The advantage of ready-made tabs is that these curtains can be bought right off the shelf in every type of color and material. The downside is that it tends to be a chore to move the curtains along the curtain rods not unlike what you might have experienced with the old fashioned curtain rings. In truth, it's become quite difficult to find curtain rings. Those who do find them, tend to go for the eyelet style in which the metal eyelet makes the curtains move across the rod with greater ease.

Earthy Colors

While curtains lend an appealing appearance to any room, choosing the right type is crucial to the process. The curtains should complement the décor of the room. If you want a Middle Eastern look, choose woven fabrics with rich, earthy colors. If the room is to be more formal and elegant, choose striking colors and layer the fabric for a contemporary look. The most popular fabrics today are textured.

If you want to incorporate nature and the outdoors in your design, choose colors like sky blue and forest green. If the curtains are for a children's playroom or bedroom, look for curtains painted with scenes from your child's favorite storybooks or movies. You may even want to try to paint your curtains yourself to give a personal touch to your décor.

If the curtains are to be all about design and not so much about privacy, you may want to try net curtains. The intricate designs of these curtains add something to your décor while letting in lots of sunlight. But think about the way the curtains will detract from your privacy at night before you make your purchase. When rooms are lit up, these curtains offer no protection from peering eyes, whatsoever.