Extra Texture

If you really want to make a space come alive, add some texture. A room isn't just something to live in, it's something to touch and feel. If you use lots of texture and you've made good color choices, these can be the driving force for your room design.

Seasonal Decor

One way to incorporate color and texture into your home is by changing things around to usher in the seasons as they arrive. We've come to associate certain colors with the seasons and these colors are still appropriate but deeper richer shades are the current fashion. For instance, summer used to be linked to orange, yellow, and a light summery green. But it's time to trade up for rust, bronze, gold, and forest green.

As for texture, reflect autumn attitude by bringing in heavier textiles for an earthy appeal. Trade crisp linen for a heavier upholstered look in the fabrics you use for sofas and chairs. Just now, chenille is a popular choice for furniture fabric. But not just any chenille will do. The type you used to see on Granny's bedspread is out. Today's chenille has a tighter weave and as a result, wears better.

Neutral Leeway

For autumn colors, the neutrals are still popular which gives you lots of leeway. Trendy neutrals include a rich caramel and spicy colors like cinnamon or nutmeg. Dark chocolate is very au courant. Add some aqua pieces for accent and you've got a suave look that can be breathtaking.

If you've used a neutral paint color, all that may be necessary to pull the room together for the season are accents in seasonal tones. Candles, pillows, tablecloths add both color accents and texture while giving you a way to transform a room to the flavor of the season.

A homeowner should also think about what items are to be displayed on the walls. Will you go with photos, pictures, or fine art? Shiny "bling" can be brought into play here with metal fabrications.

Glass can be used to the same effect with glass lamps a popular choice at present. Or you can put out a plate piled high with transparent glass balls. Clean, light-reflecting items will glam up your room so that it looks like a million bucks.

Decorating is, in part, a generational thing. Baby boomers like their rooms to reflect the individuality of the owners, but younger adults want to reflect their parents' design choices without copying them to a T. A good way to begin your décor journey is to eyeball furnishings and think about what you want to use as your design focus. Maybe you'll fall in love with a gorgeous rug or a masterful painting. Anything you adore can stand in as the focus for your room décor. Once you fall for an object, go with it!