Create a Great Girl's Nursery

Whether you just found out that you're having a girl, or you've already brought her home, it's time to think about her nursery. There are many fantastic ways to decorate a daughter's nursery. Before beginning this enterprise, you'll need to consider your time constraints, your talents, your pocketbook and your energy level! Once you've evaluated these issues, it's time to get started.  Get tips on the best baby cribs, baby furniture, and more!

The Paint Says It All

Believe it or not, just a nice coat of fun paint can really make a different in the nursery. If you don't have a lot of money to spend, or you're short on time or creativity, simply pick out some great colors and leave it at that. Pink is always the obvious choice for a girl's nursery. You can, however, also select purple, light green, yellow, orange and more. Paint the walls the color of your choice, and bring in other items that will match with this color choice. These could include wall hangings, light fixtures, night lights, throw rugs, curtains, and bedding. There are a few lovely color combinations that you might enjoy including pink and light green, pink and brown and pink and black. Select white or wood furniture for the nursery that is subtle and understated, and then have fun with your color choices for paints and other accessories. Think polka dots, stripes, and more!

Dress Up the Windows

Window treatments can make a big difference in the look of the nursery. This is particularly true for a girl's nursery, as there are so many cute ideas for window treatments for girls. If you have the money to spend, go to a shop and select window treatments of your choice. Keep in mind that you'll want something to actually cover the windows - and not just something to look frilly and cute - so that your baby will sleep when the sun comes up! You can dress up your windows and get away with more frill and lace here than you can in the rest of the room. If you can't afford lavish window treatments, you can still find a cute rod that you can put up yourself and then use some colorful fabric to create billowing curtains.

Light It Up!

Have fun lighting up your little girl's nursery. Lights for the nursery might include ceiling fixtures, fans, night lights, table lamps and more. These lights come in a huge array of colors and themes. If you've selected a theme for the room, make sure to purchase a table lamp for the dressing table or a ceiling lamp with the matching theme. Ceiling fans are a great idea. Purchasing one that also has lights will allow you to illuminate the room while also keeping air circulating. This is helpful to cool the room, to keep the smells down, and to keep allergies at bay.

Have Fun with Furniture

It's important to consider the look that you want in your daughter's nursery before purchasing nursery furniture. If you're hoping for a country look, you'll want to purchase wood furniture with a slightly antique look. For a modern flair, focus on colored cribs and dressers with funky knobs and great colors. For practical purposes, consider if you hope to use this furniture for other children. If you're hoping to have more kids, and you might have a boy next time, try to steer clear of gender-specific furniture. While you can easily transform the nursery's theme or look when your little boy comes along, it's more difficult to cover up gender-specific furniture and very expensive to purchase new items.

Enjoy this experience as you create an inviting and beautiful place for your baby girl. You and your baby will love spending time together in this room. This room will help to express your love for your baby as it creates a welcoming environment for her future.